Why Another Medical Blog?

As my medical newsletter, Second Opinions, became more and more popular, it occurred to me that a blog might stimulate more frequent Internet postings, not only by me, but hopefully by readers as well.

Not that we are short of medical information or sources thereof. Just Google “chest pain” for over 3 million URL’s (or “Yahoo” Yahoo for over 16 million.) But information, is not always the equivalent of knowledge any more than widely-shared beliefs necessarily represent wisdom, let alone “truth. ”

That’s why second or third opinions may often be a reasonable approach, to be sought equally by the troubled patient as well as exhausted Internet searchers. If you want bland medical consensus, stop here. If you like medical news, filtered and unfiltered, and comments with a seasoning of controversy or criticism, read on. As Santayana once said, “Skepticism is the chastity of the mind; do not surrender it to the first comer.”

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