Notes on Flu and Flu Masks

If you’re worried about catching the flu, a facial mask helps, but there is little use for a mask outdoors where the risk of contagion is virtually nil.  I keep seeing photos of poor citizens in Mexico City walking around with masks, which does virtually nothing to prevent contagion, but succeeds in keeping people estranged and frightened of each other. The only place you might want to use a mask is indoors, in a closed environment such as stores, planes, trains, etc. As of this writing the hysteria over flu has died down, and people are now focusing again on the economy, celebrity gossip, or crime.

The Centers for Disease Control and infectious disease experts recommend if you’re a health care worker and presumably anyone who really wants better protection than a surgical mask against airborne transmission of flu, SARS, etc. you should only settle for masks that meet the n95 rating.  These masks filter out at least 95% of airborne particles labeled “most penetrating” size of 0.3 microns.  Don’t forget too that the fit of the mask is also very important; if you can breathe around a mask that isn’t hugging your face, no filter is going to help much.Conni und Co 2 – Rettet die Kanincheninsel 2017 film trailer

If you want to stock up in preparation for a possible new outbreak you can buy  n95 masks from Alpha Pro Tech ($80 for 35 masks and a respirator).  Better still, it may be equally wise to wash your hands after suspected contact with a sick person.

Unfortunately, another epidemic of flu is probable in a few months.  Whether it will be a relatively mild illness as the present strain appears to be, or a more virulent one, no one at this point seems to know.  Keep posted, but don’t panic.  For my part, I’m not rushing out to buy a mask just yet.

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  1. Masks and washing your hands are really the only ways of avoiding the flu.. Especially with H1N1, which has no vaccine, and also does not respond to Tamiflu and antivirals.. everyone needs to be careful!

  2. I’m pretty sure people don’t think about the fit of a mask when they buy one. Good job mentioning that.

  3. N95 Respirator, I generally agree with you, but avoiding crowds, travel, shopping and contacts with patients with symptoms are other ways to avoid infection with flu virus, even though these strictures are not always possible. One can’t avoid shopping, for example. Moreover, wearing a flu mask outdoors in the open is a waste of effort and spreads alarm.

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