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Covering the Uninsured:Cuts in Medicare

Monday, December 7th, 2009

Proposed cuts in Medicare services may well reduce coverage for home health care. Under the bills over 30 million Americans would gain health coverage, but lawmakers have decided that most of the money to cover the uninsured will come out of the present health care system, thus cutting down vital services such as home nursing and health care for the disabled and elderly, amounting to $5.5 or $4.3 billion a year, depending on which bill is passed.  The result will be more hospitalizations-and re-hospitalizations- for patients now being taken care of at home, and an overall increase in Medicare expenditures. This will certainly eat up any savings proposed by the legislators.

Talk about dumb decisions. In order to pay for insuring the uninsured, simply cut down critical expenditures on those already covered.  The old bait and switch.