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Who’s Against Embryos?

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

“A misdirected zeal in matters of religion befogs the truth most grievously.”

Charles Mackay

Same old story, might as well call any cell in the body an embryonic stem cell, for what the old laws are hoping to accomplish. We’re back in the midst of theological dysfunction now with a Federal District Judge, Roce C. Lambert ruling that President Obama’s 2009 executive order that expanded embryonic stem cell research  violated a ban on federal money being used to destroy embryos.Of course, private industry can still invest in this area, but massive Federal money for supporting this vital research which may ultimately pave the way to success from everything for organ replacement to a cure for Alzheimer’s, is for the moment at least, dead in the water.  The decision of Judge Lambert, originally appointed by Reagan, means that the health institutes had to resume using harsh Bush administration rules for future grants.

Dr. George Q. Daley, director of the stem cell transplantation program at Children’s Hospital, Boston , referring to culture fluid given to cells, said, “This ruling means an immediate disruption of dozens of labs doing this work since the Obama administration made its order.”

Stay tuned.