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Medical Devices: Awaiting the Data?

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Medical device manufacturers objected strenuously to the recently passed Congressional Health Act which requires them to report sales volumes for a device registry. Neither Senate health bill coming up contains this provision. Unless the House provisions are preserved, researchers will continue to be denied funding to gather critical data. This is the only way to determine the types of patients who would most benefit from a defibrillators, joint replacements, and other devices. Without follow-up on outcomes, medical opinion will remain divided. We still won’t know how products compare with each other how many people really need a specific device, and which patients will be harmed.

Device manufacturers object, of course, to the 2.5% excise tax on medical devices in the House bill, which could generate $20 billion in federal revenues over 10 years. But note that the average profit reported by device makers is over 20% of sales.