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Flushing Toxic Assets

Friday, January 30th, 2009

No, this blog is not about the financial mess and a banking system on government-sponsored life support. Rather it’s a reminder that some health devotees are excessively worried about picking up poisons from their inner and outer toxic surroundings. After all, there’s transfats in girl scout cookies, phthalates in soda bottles, mercury in fish, PCB’s and sunlight everywhere, dangerous antibiotic-resistant and other emerging bacterial and viral strains in our own intestines, not to speak of caffeine, carbs, atmospheric carbon dioxide, and passive tobacco smoke. The list is endless.

No wonder so many folks go into detox programs regularly to cleanse their bodies and purify their innards. According to the President of the International Spa Association, almost all 15,000 day and destination spas in this country offer some kind of detoxification treatment. Among such therapies are out-of-this-world diets, enemas and high colonics, herbal supplements, chelation therapy, skin scrubs, facials, gut flushes, etc.

But you can save money. For $112.50 you can purchase a Fat Flush kit with herbs, dandelion root, milk thistle, grape root, or you can go for the book by the same PhD “Award-winning author,” The Gut Flush Plan for only $22.95, and battle bacterial and other invaders that can cause anything, according to the web site, from “heartburn, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel, obesity, diverticulosis, even headache.”

Most physicians question the legitimacy of these claims. Some are more outspoken like Dr. Peter Pressman with the U.S. Naval Hospital in Jacksonville Florida who is quoted in the New York Times: “It is the opinion of mainstream medicine…that these claims are not only ludicrous but tantamount to fraud.”

But, hey, don’t let me spoil your fun. Get rid of the toxic assets; after all, the Government is in the game too.