Successful Story of Pilot Hospitals

EasyDiagnosis values quality as our core rooted in the whole product life-cycle which starts from engineering design. It is our unyielding commitment to achieve quality and capacity by using advanced technology. 

Brand Effect

During the COVID-19 pandemic, EasyDiagnosis has earned great reputation and gained customer trust because of our high-quality reagents. Our products have impressed distributors and end-users, leading them to try out our other solutions. In addition, many KOLs volunteer to speak up for EasyDiagnosis products.

Quality Products

Great reputation has given us the opportunity to persuade clients to try out our instruments. One great choice is single-test Chemiluminescence Analyzer CF10. Our products have been made comparisons with giant brand products by several Grade A tertiary hospitals, and the results have shown no difference. This has greatly boosted our clients' confidence in using our products and reinforced our commitment to providing high-quality instruments.


Two individual chamber equipped with 12 channels, CF10 could test the urgent samples ASAP. Chemiluminescence method enables it to detect hs-cTnT with high sensitivity and ensure the accuracy. In addition, the first result can be output in just 15 minutes. The great advantages inlcluding more channels, faster speed, and more accurate results, CF10 receives high praise from health workers in the hospital.

Professional Services 

Our services team offers more than just account responsibility. We also have solution responsibility, managed by our product managers who strive to understand customer pain points and provide effective solutions. Professional training tailored to the customer's needs will be offered before product distribution. Additionally, we have fulfill responsibility, which is handled by our after-sales managers who ensure timely and accurate delivery of high-quality products at a cost-effective price. They also assist customers with any issues or complaints that may arise.


At EasyDiagnosis, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and services as we grow and expand our product lines.


Our mission is to pioneer real-time, accurate, and intelligent diagnosis to provide better health for everyone.