Alliance between Giants

On January 15, 2024, EasyDiagnosis Biomedicine and Ailex Technology Group jointly announced a landmark strategic cooperation agreement, marking a new era of intensified collaboration in the field of Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) testing. 


The partnership combines technological prowess, market presence, and management skills, leveraging shared distribution networks and reciprocal marketing to boost HbA1c testing ventures globally. Ailex's cutting-edge HbA1c testing technology will enrich EasyDiagnosis' product portfolio and aid in setting universal testing standards, enhancing worldwide chronic disease control capabilities.

Both parties envision a partnership that will collaboratively propel and advance the IVD industry. On the one hand, Ms. Lili Chen, CEO of EasyDiagnosis, highlighted the crucial role of overseas markets within company's strategic blueprint. She eagerly anticipates forming strategic alliances with domestic corporations like Ailex to boost global presence and capture a larger market share. Ms. Chen awaits such partnerships will spark groundbreaking innovations.


On the other hand, Mr. Ziqiao Li, Chairman of Ailex, confirmed that partnering with EasyDiagnosis aligns with Ailex's overall strategy. Through such close collaboration, Ailex aims to expand its range of high-quality diagnostics internationally, achieving portfolio synergy and resource sharing. He is confident this alliance will drive substantial global market progress and looks forward to integrated resource utilization. Mr. Li envisions a joint effort that advances the IVD industry together.


As we bask in the glory of this significant milestone, we simultaneously harbor a burgeoning sense of excitement and expectation for the dynamic progress and remarkable accomplishments that lie ahead in the trajectories of both sides. We eagerly await this partnership will lead to improved efficiency, and an unprecedented level of excellence in the field. The collective expertise, resources, and shared vision of these two entities are poised to ultimately make a significant contribution towards enhancing global healthcare.