Kicking off 2024 with Triumphs for PT1000 Installations

The dawn of 2024 ushers in a surge of excitement as our teams, spanning continents, attain significant milestones. The successful installations of the PT1000 Blood Gas Analyzer in both Sudan and Bulgaria embody the relentless effort, unparalleled technical skill, and strategic direction of our team.

We are thrilled to announce that our dedicated Africa team has achieved a groundbreaking milestone with the installation of the first-ever PT1000 Blood Gas Analyzer in Sudan, marking a promising start to our ongoing journey towards further success and expansion within the African region. This installation underlines our dedication to delivering cutting-edge medical technology and services to Sudan. We eagerly await more advancements across the continent.

In Europe, our esteemed team has made a triumphant accomplishment with the successful installation of the PT1000 in Bulgaria, where a customer chose to replace their existing ABG device with EasyDiagnosis this year. This victorious change not only signifies the confidence placed in our innovative technology but also opens up new business prospects across the European market, solidifying our standing as a premier healthcare industry player.

Simultaneously, a resounding round of applause goes to our Asia Team! Our distributor in Vietnam is currently conducting evaluations at a hospital, preparing for the ICU installation of the PT1000, which will replace the current GEM 3500 system. This upcoming installation serves as a pivotal milestone in our push for regional market penetration in Vietnam.


Collectively, these achievements resonate powerfully with our worldwide vision and mission, reflecting the ceaselessls our commitment and professionalism of our team. They collectively showcase the versatility and effectiveness of the PT1000 system, paving the way for broader global reach. As we celebrate these victories, our unwavering commitment to providing premium solutions globally propels our organization forward into an era ripe with growth and innovation.

Looking to the future, we aim to leverage these triumphs to forge stronger collaborations with hospitals, laboratories, and governments worldwide. We envision a cohesive network of healthcare providers empowered by the various revolutionary technology, united in their pursuit of superior patient care. Thus, while we toast these milestones, we are mindful of our immense responsibility to continually push the frontiers of medical diagnostics, ensuring to provide better health to everyone.