EasyDiagnosis at Medlab Middle East 2024

As a premier exhibition among the world's largest specialized laboratory events, Medlab Middle East 2024 has just spectacularly concluded with an impressive success. This vibrant platform witnessed EasyDiagnosis global team effectively presenting a wide array of innovative products that attracted substantial interest from attendees.

For Medlab, we presented our advanced instruments for Blood Gas Analysis, ImmunoDiagnosis and Coagulation Analysis. Among these, the PT1000 Blood Gas Analyzer particularly stood out due to its innovative all-in-one cartridge design that eliminates the need for fluidics within the instrument, thus ensuring a maintenance-free operation. Another standout exhibit was the AH600 Automated Glycohemoglobin Analyzer, boasting a fully automated design that only requires an exceptionally 50μL blood sample for precise analysis. Its remarkable performance capabilities empower laboratories to greatly enhance diabetes management practices and glycemic monitoring standards.


Adding to the excitement, our Vice President actively participated in the exhibition, reinforcing our onsite reception and fostering mutually beneficial opportunities. The entire exhibition journey fostered deep conversations and valuable insights. The dynamic atmosphere at Z2.A30 was significantly enriched by the international diversity of our team members, each contributing unique viewpoints and specialist knowledge. This rich blend of perspectives significantly elevated the exchange of information and ideas, transforming this year’s Medlab into an unparalleled experience.


The remarkable success of Medlab Middle East 2024 confirmed EasyDiagnosis' unwavering dedication to excellence within the medical industry. As a pioneering manufacturer, we relentlessly strive to address the evolving needs of our esteemed clients through continuous innovation and superior quality. With great anticipation, we eagerly await the opportunity to unveil more groundbreaking technologies at Medlab Middle East 2025!